Worried about how your team is really feeling?

A secure, low cost, self-service platform that enables managers to quickly and effectively measure the mood of their team.

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How it works

Fast and cost effective

Within a few minutes, you can start letting your staff know you care about their welfare and morale without expensive consultants, platform licensing or complex integration into your company systems.

Team mood analytics

Once your staff have responded to our intuitive and simple questions, we provide you with a valuable “Mood Analytics” report, for as little as 99p/c per person, giving informative insight into individual mood and morale.

HR friendly dashboard

Our platform does not ask difficult or detailed personal questions or attempt to store sensitive data around commercial topics like compensation. We keep our questions safe and high level so your HR department will be relaxed, and your staff will feel at ease.

Listen Limited is a secure, low cost, self-service platform…

…that enables managers to quickly and effectively measure the mood of their team – highlighting potentially hidden issues and attrition risk that can then be addressed individually with team members.

Listen Limited requires no complex integration with HR systems, and your staff will instantly understand how to respond to our simple feedback process without training or confusion.

Using simple questions to your team, we compile a valuable summary report which shows which team members are unhappy with their current work situation, without revealing their individual responses.

Security and Privacy are at the heart of Listen Limited.

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Our service is entirely free for workers in public healthcare, education and emergency services. Please ensure you select the correct industry when registering to receive free reports

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