Fast and cost effective

Within a few minutes, you can start letting your staff know you care about their welfare and morale without expensive consultants, platform licensing or complex integration into your company systems.

Team mood analytics

Once your staff have responded to our intuitive and simple questions, we provide you with a valuable “Mood Analytics” report, for as little as 99p/c per person, giving informative insight into individual mood and morale.

HR friendly dashboard

Our platform does not ask difficult or detailed personal questions or attempt to store sensitive data around commercial topics like compensation. We keep our questions safe and high level so your HR department will be relaxed, and your staff will feel at ease.

Start listening in as little as 3 minutes

You won’t believe how fast and simple our platform is. Just securely add your team members basic details, run a reach out campaign, and wait for the results!

From as little as 99p per team member

Really? YES! Our basic reporting is 99p per employee (€0.99 EU, $0.99c US & RoW).

Show your team you care

Our service is entirely free for workers in public healthcare, education and emergency services. Please ensure you select the correct industry when registering to receive free reports

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Listen.Limited is designed to enable managers to quickly and easily identify morale hotspots in teams – at a low cost.

These hotspots can occur due to a disconnect between the employee and the organisation for many reasons – including the increased trend towards remote working.

Our system allows managers, COO’s, CEO’s or anyone with an interest in their staff’s wellbeing and motivation to quickly connect with their team and get simple, clear feedback that they can use to identify areas of concern.


Listen.Limited is designed for teams of any size – from very small local teams to extremely large global workforces.

Our specific aim is to allow managers to avoid engaging expensive consultants or implementing complex and high cost platforms in order to quickly get a better feel for team morale.

Our surveys (we call them “Reach Outs”) ask simple questions to team members, which we then use to construct an overall mood indicator for team managers.

We do not reveal to employers / team managers any individual responses to our questions.

We use very simple, high-level questions such as “Do you feel valued?” to assess individual team member mood. We never ask intrusive, complicated, or personal questions.

For your peace of mind, examples of the questions that we will ask are provided to you before you run a Reach Out.

We don’t sell or transfer data to any third-party companies – EVER

We also won’t contact your team members at all, for any reason except when we ask them to respond to your Reach Out.

If you decide to leave us and delete the account, we will delete all team email data.

Registering with Listen.Limited and running a Reach Out is free of charge, but we do charge a small amount per team member to process a Team Mood Analytics Report, which contains the feedback and indicators you need to improve staff morale and retention in your team.

For some industries such as public Health Care, Education and the Emergency Services – the service is entirely free.

In order to support companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, our service is also free for registered B Corp companies.

Listen.Limited is owned and operated by Team Mood Analytics Ltd, a private UK based company. We are not owned by any other large corporate(s) and we do not pass or sell any data to other companies.

A percentage of our profits are donated to charities supporting better mental health in the workplace.

In addition to Reach Outs, Listen.Limited adds free video based tutorials and resources at regular intervals to support your journey to better team morale and wellbeing.

We are also constantly evolving our analytics to provide more insights into team motivation and will offer progressively more sophisticated reporting to regular users of the site.